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Sweet Otter is a training and certification company that specializes in Wilderness First Aid, CPR/AED and Standard First Aid as well as teaching basic 4x4 Driving Skills. Any of Sweet Otter's Training courses can be held in the backcountry, classroom settings, corporate settings and are customizable for your individual or group's needs.


The mission and vision of Sweet Otter is to educate individuals, groups and companies in emergency first aid situations in both the backcountry and in urban settings. Training, preparation and knowledge of modern wilderness medicine skills as well as up-to-date training in CPR, helps prepare people to respond to  emergency medical situations.


Instructors are all trained and certified Wilderness First Responders and Wilderness EMT's with vast amounts of experience in field training and experience.

Sweet Otter's team members all have and Tread Lightly! and Leave No Trace training and practice these philosophies in all of their outdoor adventures - from hiking, camping and water sports to off-highway driving via bicycle, motorcycle and 4 wheel vehicles.

Feb 04 2012

Kristina Hall

Kristina Hall is the founder and owner of Sweet Otter. Kristina is a certified Instructor with the American Red Cross where she teaches Wilderness First Aid, CPR/AED and Standard First Aid. She is also a certified Instrctor with the American Heart Association and trains and certifies Basic Life Support CPR/AED for the Healthcare Professional.

Following her passion for health and well-being, Kristina is an American Council of Exercise certified personal fitness trainer with a specility in Senior Fitness.

Kristina is also a certified Wilderness First Responder, trained through the National Outdoor Leadership School and the (NOLS/WMI) and Remote Medical International . She has used her Wilderness First Responder skills in backcountry medical emergencies several times in live rescue situations.

Kristina is an Overland Certified Instructor through Overland Training . She teaches Basic 4x4 driving skills and marshaling skills at the annual Overland Expo with the Land Rover Driving Experience Team. In addition, she teaches the same classes at the and Workshops held in the state of Washington and California. Her experiences include logistics director for the SOCOM Military Training with Expeditions West and consulting with adventurer's and traveler's on trip and vehicle preparation.

Kristina has been exploring the back roads and hiking trails of Northern California, Arizona, Mexico, Canada and Alaska since she was a young teenager. Schooled in Environmental Education and Ecology, her love of nature and quest for discovery has led her to a lifelong passion of exploring the outdoors.

Feb 01 2012

Amy Riggs

Amy Riggs has been an outdoor enthusiast since she was a young teenager. She is certified as a Wilderness First Responder and loves teaching Wilderness First Aid.

She has taught Wilderness First Aid courses for youth groups throughout the west. Amy practices Leave No Trace in all of her classes and backpacking adventures.

Growing up in Colorado, Amy fell in love with the outdoors and realized early on how important it is to be well prepared in case of a first aid emergency in the backcountry. She became a certified Instructor so that she could share her knowledge with others who love exploring and adventuring in the outdoors.