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Combat Medic Essay - Real Army Stories

The voices of many army medics remain unheard of as this custom essay about medics shows. One such voice is that of Jenny Pacanowski, who used to be a combat medic. She initially was all for the Iraq war as she headed out to the battlefield. She has learned many valuable lessons. She got from that experience from her visit before returning home, as this army medics essay will show.
When she was about to fly out of Iraq for the last and final time, it was a far cry from the initial desire to save the world. She just wished that Iraq would turn into a parking lot so that none of them would ever have to return.
This journey from a war enthusiast to a disillusioned veteran was significant and essential. If the topic sounds too heavy for students, they can always get college paper help for their essay needs. There was one particular moment. She was the part of the generation that fought in Iraq and became veterans. Like them, she too found going back to a civilian life complex. Every time she recounted her experience, it was like living through all the hell once again.

How It Started

Pacanowski had signed up for the US army. At that time, the Iraq War was going on, and America had recently tasted victory. The Iraqis were only too happy to get freedom from dictatorial tyranny. Pacanowski was young, 23, to be exact. She had accumulated a lot of student debt to pursue a college education. This federal debt amounted to $40000. Pacanowski had dropped out of college. There was no feasible way in which she possibly could have repaid the debt. However, as a combat medic, the army offered to cover it.
Pacanowski was trained for 16 weeks. It included 12 weeks of serving civilians and four weeks of specialized combat medic training. Pacanowski had expected to be sent to the hospital and work there. Her deputation at a combat zone is something she had not bargained for.
Pacanowski had expected that America would rebuild Iraq as per the ideals of freedom and democracy.

Being on the Move

The next significant event in this real-life combat medics essay occurred pretty soon. Many students prefer seeking online college homework help, as the topic is too hard to write! However, this particular essay should be of help in it.
Pacanowski was part of a platoon consisting of 25 medics. They were transferred to Al-Asad Air Base. The basic duty of the medics was to look after injured marines.
These marines were engaged in delivering supplies from the airbase where the medics were deputed to the forward bases. Pacanowski found herself in the safer convoy of 7-15 vehicles. Iraqi fighters attacked the convoys with regularity. The weapon used typically was an IED. There were grenade launchers propelled by rockets as well. There was also firing from short arms. During the initial 6-7 months of deputation, the soldiers and medics were exposed to firing. There was a lack of bulletproof and armored vehicles to ensure their safety. To protect themselves, they used sandbags and Kevlar blankets on their backs. Some of the more secure convoys had a gun truck leading the way.

How the Iraqis Viewed the American Soldiers

The relationship with the Iraqi people changed a lot. At first, their kids used to wave at the American soldiers and asked for candies. The situation transformed, and children started throwing rocks at the convoys. Such real-life experiences might be a summary of how things were turning out.

Moving Forward

It is believed that America will better understand the 2.5 million veterans when they come back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The home community needs to help the veterans heal from the wounds caused by the war. America needs to share a common humanity with its veterans and extend the same to the entire world.
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