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Basic Off-Highway Driving

Understanding how 4-Wheel drive works and how to overcome obstacles that may be in your path, is crucial to safe and minimal impact off-highway driving. The more confident of a off-highway driver you are, the safer of a driver you are.

In this fun course, we will learn the basics of vehicle and spatial awareness; tips and tricks to help keep you in control of your vehicle; and as always, Safety First! We will "spot" each other through a fun obstacle course that will help build your confidence in using hand signals and in finding the proper tire placement. Courses can be customizable for your specific group needs.

Basic Vehicle Recovery Skills

When preparing for off-highway travel or for just a day of driving nicely graded forest roads, one thing that is mandatory in your driving kit is a vehicle recovery gear. If you have ever been stuck in a bit of mud, or hung up on a rock, this is where your vehicle recovery kit comes in handy -  and most importantly knowing how to use it!

Winch, snatch strap, snatch block, recovery points, D shackles, Hi Lift jack: these are some of the terms that you will become familiar with and learn how and when to use each piece of equipment. Number one consideration in any vehicle recovery----Safety First! And safety first we will emphasize. The point of vehicle recovery is to get unstuck from the situation you or your fellow travelers are in, and get you back to your fun day of driving and exploration.

This is a hands on class, so come prepared to put on some gloves and do some recovery!

In all of our off-highway driving courses, we emphasize Tread Lightly! and Leave No Trace Principles.